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Xerazx-OTS Rules

  • 1- When you purchase points in our shop, you understand that points are used to be traded in for virtual goods. We have no way of tracking these virtual goods, therefore we can never refund your money.
  • 2- You also understand that the payment gateways are not run by us, we will not be held responsible if there is a problem with your transaction or if you for any reason would lose your points.
  • 3- We will not be held responsible if you lose any item you obtain from the shop either, if your items were lost due to a server fault we may try to help you but there is no guarantee. If you, for any reason, would try to chargeback your money after a points purchase we reserve the right to terminate your account.
  • 4- Your character must have a valid character name (ex. Paladin slayer) not \"sdfkjasd\"t.
  • 5- No blocking spawns/Quests from other players including with pet.
  • 6- Steeling items is forbidden(must have proof to take action).
  • 7- Multi Client (MC) is allowed on the server under certain conditions, generally you are not allowed to use MC to gain any advantage in PvP situations, for example:
    • You are not allowed to use your mc character to trap a specific area, or harass any other player game play.
    • You are not allowed to use your mc character to heal your other character outside pz, especially in wars and other PvP situations.
  • 8- No Spamming in any chat channels.
  • 9- Advertising other servers in Help/ Default / guild chat is forbidden including Broadcasting.
  • 10- No destructive behaviour (ex. Trashing houses/ depot / temple).
  • 11- No Sharing accounts in order to keep your account in secure and safe, else you are taking the risk by sharing your account info with someone else.
  • 12- No selling your character for items in game or for real money.
  • 13- No account or items trading through other servers.
  • 14- Helpers are not official agents hired by the Xerazx-OTS team, which means they are not a hundred percent required to answer to all of the asked questions in the game (they are just players like you). Nevertheless, They are providing their best effort to help other players and answer most of their questions. Please note that a helper may ONLY help you by answering in game questions for you, any other type of helping (items, quests) are usually provided on the helper own'.

    Helpers are not forced to private message other players even in case of replying to a question, the official communication channel between Helpers and other Players are within the Help Channel, this helps us to ensure that you are getting the most right answer for your question within a well moderated channel.
  • 15- We allow using a third party software (bot) to help you during your Game-Play but only the following actions you may perform using bot:
    • You can use bot to help you during your hunting but with condition not to be completely idle, so as long as you are active on the account you aren't idle it doesn't violate the rules.
    • You can use bot to collect loot for you or even auto-sell to NPC's but remember not be idle.
    Things which are not allowed and may lead to a fully suspension of your account:
  • You can't use bot to gain any advantage while pking, this might lead to a fully suspension for your account and it's all characters, Examples (but not limited to)
    • Using multiple characters to combo other players.
    • Using multiple characters to heal your character or a team-mate.
    • Using multiple characters to double freeze a player.
  • Blocking Areas: You are not allowed to use bot or multiple characters to block off an area, we take this on a serious hands and it would lead to a fully deletion of your account.
  • Bug Reporting: Reporting a bug in Xerazx-OTS helps us to improve the game quality and stability. However, as we appreciate your help into this, we are releasing rewards for valued bug reports (things which have a real negative impact on the server). Please note that redeeming a reward is not guaranteed at every report you might make, most of reports are small things and we can't redeem a reward for them but we still thankful and grateful to your support. Players who report a valued bug and spam us asking for reward and even have negative attitude are usually ignored rather than been rewarded, so don't slip away your chance to get rewarded by being a Spammer or toxic player.
  • Violating any of the above rules might need to a fully suspension to your account without a previous warning, kindly respect and follow the rules as we are trying to provide you with the best gaming context.