Get rewards for referring your friends to the Xerazx-OTS!

Xerazx-OTS is a team game, and nobody makes a better teammate than your friends! Sign up for our new and improved version of our Refer-a-Friend program which is easier to use and offers more frequent, accessible rewards.

Through Refer-a-Friend System, you'll earn awesome rewards like free Premium Points, forum titles, and much more for inviting your friends to play Xerazx-OTS with you.

How it works!

Share your referral code, or have friends enter your character name at signup!
Earn up to 2000 Premium Points each time a friend reaches 500 rebirths and milestone rewards whenever you invite more friends.
Track your friends' progress and unlock bigger and better rewards via your Refeal Stataics Box into your account management.

*Milestone rewards are one time only prizes unless otherwise noted, and are unlocked once the appropriate number of 25 refered friend is obtained

*The Refer-a-Friend program is intended to reward players who bring new players to Xerazx-OTS. Exploiting the program is unfair and hurts player experience for all. For more details, here's our stance on Refer-a-Friend fraud.

Premuim Points Table

Earn Premuim Points on each rebirth your friends make.

From 1 Rebrith til 100
2 Premuim Points on each rebirth.
From 101 Rebrith til 300
3 Premuim Points on each rebirth.
From 301 Rebrith til 500
4 Premuim Points on each rebirth.