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News >> Summer 2015 Update!

posted on Tue, Jul 07, 2015

Summer 2015 Update!

Hey Xerazains,

Welcome to Xerazx-OTS Summer 2015 Update - the one where we bring back the soul of MMORPG to the game, upgrading our game client, reworking plenty of game core, and definitely doing some stuff with vocations. Player perception is obviously huge when it comes to assessing what real "balance" is, hopefully, through our efforts that this patch puts most of the things on the line and enhances each player vocation choice' comes down to personal preference and style, rather than straight up power.

This news article is going to be quite long, but we hope you read it all as it took really long time from us to write, eh. You can you just skim to the content you wish to read about, lets dive into the update, we hope you are as much excited as we are!

Note: The server client has been updated to 10.xx+ you have to Download Custom Client in order to login to the server. You can no longer access the server through the regular Tibia Client with IP Changer.

Download New Custom Client

Table of Content

New Exploration Quests

At every update quests are being focused as one of the main content and most interesting part to most of the players, this summer update we are following a quite different approach in terms of quest design and the methodology the player will be progressing through each quest. We are pulling out up to 6 different quests that are not explicitly putted into the form of dive into the teleport and start the quest, in addition to one hard explicit quest for high rebirth players (1100+) at the Quests Room (more on this one later). The new quest design focuses on giving each player the opportunity to have the choice about whether or not he has to do the quest since the reward is not a core defensive / attack item. Basically, you will be rewarded with very unique outfits and probably mounts and other game additional throughout exploring the game world and dealing with different NPCs, doing missions around the game world. We will not explicitly write down everything about the quests that are currently available in the game so we don't just spoil them out, go ahead and explore them, they are worth to do and most important part is that they are enjoyable!

Please note that if you have done any of these quests or even all of them, you are not allowed to post public spoilers about the quests on forums unless at least 30 days have passed after the update release.

Last but not least, we have completely reworked around 80% of the starting quests at the quest room, the quest monsters are now more related to the player's rebirth and a bit more challenge. The last row at the quests room quests have been disabled until a future rework.

Reworked Hunting Grounds

Through this update we are enhancing two important hunting areas that we have been not pleased with the way you guys have been discarding them for insufficient amount of exp in return while hunting there, Eternize and Demostar.

Eternize - the following changes have applied there:

  • All Eternize monsters exp is increased by 50% (except DeathStrike).

  • Drillworm Damage decreased by 25%, now mages can much easier hunt there.

  • Shaburak Prince health decreased by 50%, this guy was just so fat.

Demostar have always been a different kind of hunting areas that was intentionally made to reward players for group hunting, although how far the area didn't work so well as we expect back last year when it was released, we are adding a new exp distribution system which works as follow, by simply hunting as a group of players in Demostar all of the participated players will gain equal amount of experience (regardless of what) and the overall monster exp is 30% bonus for group hunting. However, you still have the option to go and solo hunt there (if you are just a geek) but consider the time it will take for you to take down the monster and the loss of 30% bonus exp, so its up to the player preference and choice about whether or not it still worthy to hunt there as a solo player. Special thanks to Gollum for opening the gates for this feature at the following Thread on Forums (note that not the entire post is implemented as its written).

NEW Guild War Event

Competitive playing is one of the essential gameplay factors in Xerazx-OTS, that's why its always have been a big concern for us to focus on everything that enhances this kind of playing. With the newly designed Guild War Event we are explicitly announcing an extremely organized battle between different guilds of the server. Please check out the new Guild War Event details Here.

NEW Team Battle Event

We would like to welcome our newly added event Team Battle, the event is basically a running battle between two different teams, where team members are randomly assigned, so you might find your best friend in the opposite team for example, and you will just have to defeat him! Don't worry, he won't get sad. The event reward is 10% bonus experience for each member at the winning team until the next week event takes place. Read more about Team Battle Event.

Reworked Rebirth System

Who putted the rule of having to "logout" to make a rebirth? Perhaps somebody living someone on this planet. You are no longer required to relog in order to make a rebirth, just make it in place!

Death Loss and Mega Blessings

In Xerazx-OTS death does not have any sub-consequences on the player, this is changing little bit in this update as the default death loss has been increased from 10% loss to 30%. The regular blessing will slightly decrease your loss percentage. However, we are also introducing !mega bless for those who are interested in much higher level / skills protection for 5 MDC cost.

Outfits Updates

In this update we are reworking the outfits organization, initially players will login with all of the basic outfits without its addons. Upon rebirth progressing the addons of these outfits will be unlocked to them.

The following outfits addons will be unlocked to player upon reaching the following rebirths:

  • Citizen Outfits addons : 10 Rebirths.
  • Hunter Outfits addons: 25 Rebirths.
  • Knight Outfits: 50 Rebirths.
  • Mage Outfits: 100 Rebirths.
  • Druid Outfits: 150 Rebirths.
  • Barbarian Outfits: 200 Rebirths.
  • Nobleman Outfits: 250 Rebirths.
  • Oriental Outfits: 350 Rebirths.
  • Assassin Outfits: 400 Rebirths.
  • Summoner Outfits: 500 Rebirths.
  • Warrior Outfits: 600 Rebirths.
  • Wizard Outfits: 700 Rebirths.
  • Beggar Outfits: 800 Rebirths.
  • Norseman Outfits: 850 Rebirths.
  • Pirate Outfits: 900 Rebirths.

Some of the new client addons can be unlocked by discovering the game world secret quests. Others are available in shop, and exclusive outfits for Premium Accounts (more on this later).

Mounts Updates

In this update we are removing the old mechanism used to obtain in game mounts (by taming them) as we found that most of the players were just doing it without any fun and only for the sake of the reward, we wanted it to be slightly more enjoyable while doing it. In game mounts are now available by doing certain tasks, speak to NPC Edward located at the mounts teleport for more information, and farewall NPC Olms.

We also have two new mounts obtainable only through in game achievements, check them out at the bottom of the Mounts room.

NEW Premium Accounts

We are bringing back the old VIP system but putting it in a new suit, the old VIP system will be no longer functional and the VIP medals which players had have been taken out and points are refunded to each player purchased. Instead of being a VIP player, you can now have a Premium Account. Purchasing Premium time gives you plenty of external features starting from the newly adding hunting grounds for Premium Accounts following with the exclusive outfits and mounts that are not obtainable by either in game or shop purchases. More information about Premium Accounts.

PvP Changes

Lets be real: There have been plenty of issues with vocations since the last update, the overall changes looked very nice at the first stage, however, few essential factors were just broken and screwed up the entire thing. Yes, we are speaking about critical chances and extreme runes mainly.

Long short technical story, the chance of having critical attack was always based on a formula that your magic level was one of the core factors of it, the probability of being promoted to a critical hit was exponentially growing with the higher magic level you had also the attack speed (as you are forcing the code to try over and over to get you a critical). With both, the fast attack in weapons and insane extreme rune execution, the code was always sort of fooled (code cannot be fooled, but hopefully you got the point). Therefore, the new code for the critical chance will still considering your magic level as one of its decision factors, however, player will not be able to have more than one critical chance in less than 5 seconds. Because we've been targeting code specifically, this change will fix many things and decrease the insane burst done by critical actually not overpowered spells, we will follow up on this.


With below changes we are reducing the overall speed of killing and damage burst by most of the vocations as they were mainly relaying on both Extreme Rune and SD synchronization, we want battles to take more time to end and to give an opportunity for game mechanics to show up.

  • Extreme runes number of effect iterations have been decreased by almost 80%, the damage it deals is still the same but will be dealt much faster now. This ensures that low connection players will not get debugs in middle of the fights due to high packets being sent to their clients, also enhances the overall clarity of the user interface.
  • You can no longer sync (cast things at the same time) both SD with any healing spell / rune.
  • You can no longer sync both SD and Extreme Rune.
  • You can no longer sync both Mega spell with SD.
  • Exori mort strike can be bypass magic walls, this makes the spell has its position and timing for usage.
  • Mages manarune heals now +4% of their maximum mana instead of 2%.

Impacts of above changes:

- Mages will now have to focus on using their Mega spell more often as it sync with their manarune, and use SD to finalize a kill, or in a win-to-win situation where they are not in risk and rather to deal the highest amount of damage. This change is not actually new and it was introduced in previous update, however, it was bugged and never worked as it should.

- Knights and Paladins will now have to wisely choose the time to use SD as it deals most of the damage, however, they have to remember that they will not be able to use healing rune instantly after casting SD.

Below changes are made to vocation spells:


Its time to turn knights from a supervisor tank into a damage dependent vocation, knights challenge quest spell (Exori hur gran mas) is receiving a rework.

- Exori hur gran mas - no longer costs -30% of the Knight health upon casting, only the mana cost still exists. This gives the Knight an opportunity to a damage dependent vocation, however, Knight players have to be careful as it requires using Manarune instead of Healing Rune to spam Exori hur gran mas, and since you are not able to use both the Manarune and Healing Rune at the same time, you would be risking your opportunity to heal up your health by using Manarune. So, try to be wise about this.

- Since knights weapon is not frequently activated due to the range restriction, we wanted to reward the knight for the few possible attempts he would have dealing damage with his basic weapon, therefore, we have increased Rich Sword Damage (currently its rank among rich weapons is Top Attack).

- Added Trap Spell to knights once again (exevo grav vita), players with higher than 500 rebirth can cast this spell for 50 soul.


Back in the day when we added Merger Rune, Slow Rune, Exeta Taunt, Mega Vis Lux, first three spells / runes have always been rewarding their vocation, however, sorcerers Mega Vis Lux was sort of a deprecated spell regardless of what we did to enhance it, probably we missed it out among the crowd of spells!

- Mega Vis Lux: Damage increased by almost 50% more to be even higher than mega vis. The exhaustion is still the same, and the spell can be synced with the manarune.

Paladin is a neutral vocation by its default, to follow up with the changes we made along with this patch, we are increasing the paladin's magic defence to reduce the burst on it.

- Paladin now have +20% more magic damage protection.

Thanks for tuning into the Xerazx-OTS Summer 2015 Update. We looking forward to seeing you in the game soon and happy testing. For any bug reports please post them directly into this thread at our forums. You may also contact us for any other critical bug reports or inquiries.

Kind Regards,
Xerazx-OTS Team.