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Major Update - Summer 2014

GM Xerazx
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7 years and 9 months #400

Hey Xerazains,

Welcome to Xerazx-OTS Summer 2014 Update. This update is a result of your feedback also a continuous and extensive effort we putted into the server for the last few months, it will look pretty big news article but it could not be optimized more than this due to the variety of the changes. Within this update we are changing the server structures and reworking its base, starting from new players Hunting, Quests, in Game Systems, and of course PvP Improvements. Let's start exploring the summer update content:

Table of Content

New Players Hunting & Questing System

Within this update we are changing the core hunting system for new players and how the server is introduced to them, we also trying to eliminate the Macro hunting for new players where they were repetitively doing the same task to rebirth up with least amount of fun. However, we have mainly reworked the hunting room spawns and expanded them probably 10 times wider monsters areas, also these new player areas are now Non-PvP. One more thing, for players who are less than 800 rebirths their rebirth is pretty easier than the higher stages, so we found that we have to add a new in game command to perform a rebirth for them !rebirth. Please head to our previous article if you'd like a deeper dive into these changes. Last but not least, we also have optimized and changes the quests room and it's rewards.

  • New Quest 100 Rebirth : Admin manarune
  • Admin Manarune Upgrader quest has been delayed to 350 rebirth instead of 100.

Current Spawn Improvements

Next, we are upgrading the current hunting spawns, some of the areas received an increment into the amount of monsters in addition of decrement to spawn interval, and other areas received map extensions!

  • Herana Ground (Vulcongra) at the crystal base has been upgraded with more monsters, also spawn interval has been speeded up by 25 second instead of 60.
  • Zerana (Yielothax) ground has been expanded by adding a second floor to it.
  • Added more Cliff Stridders to Herana at the crystal base, also Cliff Stridders are no longer immune to energy damage.
  • Moronia has received map extension by adding a fully lower floor to it.
  • Hulks land is our new island at Crystal base for 500+ players, a pretty wide and big hunting ground for this player stage, speak to Commander Stone NPC to visit it today!
  • Demostar is the waited hunting ground for players who are higher than 1220 Rebirths, a new mighty monsters island which is relayed on Team Hunting for killing monster capabilities and experience sharing.
  • Eternize is no longer accessible through crystal base commander stone NPC, now it has moved to Captain Karlos Ship.

Fishing System

Fishing System is a brand new system into the server, unlike your traditional fishing, Xerazx-OTS fishing brings you Mighty Monsters and in Game valued one's, be prepared! These monsters once fished can be captured using Magical Jar and you can spawn them for only once on your call. There's a collection of possible fishing monsters each of them has it's unique behaviour and power but they are united at giving high amount of experience and decent loots.

Possible Fished Monsters & Objects

  • Conan
  • Earth Elemental
  • Kongra
  • Chakoya Windcalle
  • Marid
  • Avalanche
  • [NEW] Super Maird
  • [NEW] Yummy Toad
  • [NEW] Toxic Spider
  • [NEW] Iron Wolf
  • [NEW] Floor Blob
  • [NEW] Ocean King
  • [NEW] King Jaul
  • [NEW] Lucky Fish (item) This fish randomly summons one of the strongest fishing monsters.
  • You can also be and fish leather boots and different types of fishes, but they are delicious don't worry!

Task System

In response to your requests, we have added the promised Task System. Task System is managed by Task Manager NPC (can be found at Temple and Hunting Room), there are plenty of in game tasks, for every rebirth stage there will always be a different task for you, tasks are daily and have both experience and items rewards, so make sure not to miss any of your daily tasks.

Advanced Tip: Upgrading your weapon from "Gnomerrow NPC" at the crystal base, makes your task much easier to be done also speed the process of doing it by almost 35%.

Cast System

Cast System allows you to Stream and Spectacle other players while they are playing, from now you will be able to share and show off your gaming experience in Xerazx-OTS with other players without any restrictions, whether you want to initiate a public or private stream, both options are available.

Available Options:

  • !cast on: a command which allows you to start streaming.
  • !castPassword: a command which allows you to password protect your stream.
  • !castMotd: a command which allows you to set a stream message your spectators will see for once joined your stream.
. In order to view the available streams and watch them, login to the server without account name to watch a live cast. If the cast has a password, enter the password in the password login field (still empty account name).

PvP Improvements & Vocation Changes

Druid Immune spell receives a full rework, sorcerers reflection runes are disabled and replaced with a spell, magic levels and skills are now matter beside several cooldown changes.

  • First, we are changing the druid spell guaranteed bonus damage and moving it to a skill point, the new Immune spell now gives 10% bonus damage for players who are turned into a Skunk. Please note that you have to take a line position to hit the target with your spell effect, otherwise you will not receive the bonus damage but will remain having the Immune and unfreeze affect.
  • Sorceres are intended to be the highest damage dealers in the game in trade of losing other in game capabilities. So, we are disabling the Sorcerers Reflection Rune and replacing it with a new damage spell Mega Vis Lux the spell costs 10% mana and deals a wave of damage.
  • Extreme Runes are now dealing more damage for all vocations, also no longer causes an exhaustion from all the spells for 3 seconds, which means you can always land an extreme rune at the at the background of your fight while dealing damage with other available spells or runes.
  • Admin & Ultimate SD damage has been buffed to become higher than Mega spells but they have an exhaustion of two seconds (Admin sd is 5 hits while Ultimate SD only 3).
  • Skills and Magic Level are now a turning points into the PvP since Critical Chances new formula is based on the Highest Skill for knights (Axe, Sword, Club, Fist), distance for Paladins and Magic Level for Mages.
  • Added new spell for training purposes mana consume this spell will consume 25% of your mana.
  • Both Admin and Ultimate SDs are getting stronger with both rebirths and magic level, the formula is fair enough to balance the increased amount for all vocations with respect to their magic level ratio.
  • Crafted Deathcap protection has been decreased to 10% from 15% to make sort of cost for the bonus damage.
  • Elf bow now has 10% protection instead of none.
  • Rich boots now gives 10% protection instead of 5.

General Changes

  • First, we would like to welcome our new Pet Guardian Dwarf, speak with Archie NPC to know how to redeem it.
  • Darkness (Mega Vamprie) now accessible from 200 rebirth instead of 280, also we have added more Mega Vampires to the resp.
  • Fixed a bug where Gargoyle and Haunted Treeling monsters were not having their supposed states (hp, damage, exp).
  • Drillworm now moves faster, he was really slow.
  • You are no longer required to speak with Rebirth NPC to make a rebirth if you are less than 800 rebirth, alternatively, you can type !rebirth.
  • Protection level is now 10 rebirths, instead of level 100k with 0 rebirths.
  • Clean system no longer cleans items which are on depot (to prevent item loss for players who didn't recognize the clean warning).
  • New players will receive free war bear mount at 10 rebirths.
  • !serverinfo content has been replaced with some of the main questions and answers to help new players understanding the server core systems.
  • Anti-Idle hunting message will now appear in white font instead of organe one, to become more noticeable.
  • VIP Hunting area has been removed till a newer one is done, for now VIP players will have the broadcast and fly features.
  • 10 Rebirth spell quest has been merged into one quest and reward is determined based on the player vocation rather than four separate quests.
  • Rebirth Required to create guild is 50 rebirth now.
  • Guild Memeber Limit has been increased to become 30 instead of 20 player.
  • Looking on a player now will show his guild information (if he was in guild) such as count of guild members also how many of them are online.
  • Fixed a bug where players could gain higher level than their maximum level when monsters gives a high amount of experience.
  • Crystal Base entrance is now a Protected Zone area.
  • New Players Island has been reworked.
  • !broadcast now costs 3 donation coins for each letter.
  • Mini VIP has been removed from GM Seller selling items.
  • Mega Mas Flam and Exori Mort Strike spells icon are activated to show the cooldown status.
  • Minimum required rebirth to join Guild War Event is 200 now instead of 50.
  • Minimum required rebirth to join War Arena Event is 200 now instead of 50.
  • Fixed a bug where slow rune caused players to become unable to heal for few seconds after its affect is gone.
  • Fixed a bug where energy ring was not applying the mana shield affect against the Exori Hur Gran Mas spells.
  • Added Both Mrs Jelly and Guardian Dwarf to the Shop.
  • Added new Mobile Payment Method Fortumo, it has coverage for few missed countries in Zaypay, please check it out if your country was not listed.

Donation Castles Rental System & New Design

From now you will be able to rent castles safer without the risk of being scammed, with the new Donation Castle Rental System you will be able to trade your rent with the castle owner invitation, castle owners are now allowed to execute the in game command !invite PLAYERNAME, NUMBER OF DAYS for example !invite Admin, 30; executing the following command (only works if you own a castle) starts a trade window with the mentioned player name, the castle owner will be trading a castle invitation contract with the renter. This system guarantees a secure and safe castle renting for both buyer and seller.

If you are a renter and would like to access the castle you are invited in, please go speak with the Castle Manager NPC and he will teleport you inside the castle, please note that inited players using that system will gain same access as aleta sio players (cant open doors, cant invite other players, etc).

We are also giving the Dedicated Donation Castle a freshly new castle design, please note that this design is only applied on newly purchased castles after this update, if you already own a dedicated castle and wishes to upgrade the design please contact us.

Website Changes

Apparently we have updated our website template to a fully new one, we hope you like the new design and give us feedback about it. Also, there are few changes on the account management to make players accounts more secure and harder to get hacked due to account sharing or any player side issues.

  • Requesting a Change Email will now send a confirmation email to the registered email on the account with a link to the email change form.
  • Request a new Recovery Key will send a confirmation email to the registered email on the account with a link to the new recovery key form.
  • If you entered a fake email while registering your account and would like to change it your primary one, please contact us.

If you have any bug reports or common issues you might have experienced during any of the new features, plesae report them at the following thread or you may contact us.

Kind Regards,
Xerazx-OTS Team.
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