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The Update is Finally Here!

GM Xerazx
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Greetings Xerazain's:

Here we are with another Xerazx-OTS update! There’s a lot of new content in this update, including the new impressive spells, quests and unique items, so we’re taking it light with our other game changes.

Looking at the overall content of this update, our goal is to create healthier gameplay patterns with vocations which are particularly strong. Over the last few months we have been monitoring each vocation abilities and game play style in order to make every player feel the uniqueness of his vocation, whether you play knight, paladin, druid or sorcerer, after this update you will find your beloved vocation has received a unique feature for it. So we have been considering the consummation difference between each vocation so we had to pull a ring about this too. For new comers and young rebirth players we tried to make the server start way easier for them by organizing the quests in a more way sequential and other tips. So let's head over the update content:

New Quests:

  • Added Admin Armor quest for 35 rebirth.
  • Added Admin Legs quest for 35 rebirth.
  • Added Admin Boots quest for 50 rebirth.
  • Added Admin Helmet quest for 50 rebirth.
  • Added Admin Shield quest for 60 rebirth.
  • Added VIP helmet quest for 100 rebirth.
  • Added VIP armor quest for 100 rebirth.
  • Added VIP legs quest for 150 rebirth.
  • Added VIP shield quest for 250 rebirth.
  • Added the Challenge quest for 1000 rebirth. (Can be found at Insect land)

New Monsters & Bosses (You will face the following monsters within the new quests, hunting areas and even bosses room):

  • Plagued Juggernaut.
  • Plagued Nightmare.
  • Super Quara.
  • Plagued Lost Soul.
  • Plagued Betrayed Wraith
  • Plagued Draken Elite.
  • Plagued Draken Warmaster.
  • Green Raider.
  • Green Juggernaut.
  • Young Beholder.
  • Death Beholder.
  • Plagued Barbarian Bloodwalker.
  • Plagued Blue Djinn.
  • Gang Member.
  • Bones.
  • Bones Master.
  • Epic Stone Golem.
  • Epic Diabolic Imp
  • Hand of Boosted Souls
  • Glory Dragon (Boss 1350 rebirth+).
  • Green Hulk (Boss 1450 rebirth+).
  • Lave Golem (Boss 1600 rebirth+).

New Items:

Within this update we are giving each vocation it's unique abilities, we believe that each vocation should have it's own personality and gameplay mechanism. Historically each vocation was limited to specific type of actions he may take while PvPing, however we smoothly worked on expanding the play ground for each vocation also by giving him a wider area and freedom to make a decision at different minor of time and situations, we had to do this by adding the new crafting items beside the new unique spells, each vocation will have it's own unique Items and Spell to support the new mechanism, let's head over the new crafting system and spells!

Crafting system is our brand new system which gives you the opportunity to create the most powerful items in the game to make a useful usage of them within the battles, you may find the crafting teleport at the second floof of temple,please talk to the Crafting Master NPC to learn more.

  • Knight: We have designed the new "Crafted cleaver blade" which deals an impressive amount of damage by draining your target health very fast for a limited time (30 minutes), it can be recharged.

    Counter Tip: Try to avoid being close of a knight while his blade is up, because he will remain draining your health/mana over the time spent close to him.

  • Paladin: For paladins we had several ideas across our minds while creating his unique crafted item and we ended up with the new Elf Bow and Envenomed arrows, which deals an impressive amount of damage, also it reduces the target movement speed over the time of attack, you can obtain any amount of arrows through the crafting system.

    Counter Tip: Whenever a paladin is using his Envenomed arrows his shield protection is always down, so you make an advantage of this by focusing him trying to force him to replace the damage bow and arrows with the defensive shield.

  • Sorcerer & Druid (Weapon): We have designed the new "Crafted Death Wand" which also deals impressive damage each second to support the mage high damage techniques (30 minutes), it can be recharged.

  • Sorcerer & Druid (Helmet): The new "Crafted DeathCap" increase the overall magic damage of a mage by 15%.

    Counter Tip: Whenever a mage is using his Crafted DeathCap his helmet protection is always down, so you can take an advantage of this by focusing him trying to force him to replace the damage helmet with the defensive one.

  • Crafted Health Potion: It increase your health by 15% for 15 minutes.
  • Crafted Mana Potion: It increase your mana by 10% for 15 minutes.
  • Crafted Utamo Potion: It gives your a mana shield for 60 minutes, and you can say !utamo off to a complete cancellation of it is effect.

New Spells (1000 rebirth require making the Challenge quest):

  • Knight: Exori hur gran mas - the spell deals an impressive amount of TRUE DAMAGE (true damage is our new type of damage which is not reduced by any armor or protection percentage.) over counted amount of hits within one second, it has a calculated base damage plus an additional damage equal to 30% of the knight max health, so knights now can make an extra advantage of their high health by using to buff their damage.

    Cost: 60% mana plus 30% of the knight maximum health.

    Counter Tip: The new knight spell doesn't continue on hitting the target if it went up a stair or went down through a hole, so try to dodge part of the spell by running over an object.

  • Sorcerer: Mega mas flam - the spell deals an impressive amount of Fire damage, the damage shared on two shots, one going and other is the comeback.

    Cost: 50% of the current mage mana.

    Counter Tip: Try to dodge the comeback of the spell by running away of the spell area.

  • Paladin: Flurry of blades - the paladin start throwing daggers with unrivalled speed at all the nearby players. Daggers deal high physical damage.

    Cost: 60% of the current paladin mana.

    Counter Tip: Try not to take the whole daggers damage by running away of the spell area.

  • Druid: Exura Immune "PLAYERNAME" - this spell Bathes druid's target in a Hulk mode , rendering him immune to all damage for 3 seconds.

    Cost: 25% of the current druid mana.

    Counter Tip: A target that's hulked by druid can still be crowd controlled, so you can still trap / freeze / slow them until the Immune duration wears off.

New Mounts:

  • Brown Horse mount.
  • Rapid Boar mount.
  • Titanica mount(Shop only).
  • Stampor mount(Shop only).

Other Changes & Fixes:

  • House system has changed for the lifetime house ownership to rented one, you are now required to pay rent for your house. The rent is calculated based on the house size, beds.
  • Increased the overall mage manarune healings by buffing them to give a bonus of 1,2,3,4,5% of the missing mana (it varies between the manarune type).
  • Removed the maximum manarune heal limitation, so now it will increase as long as your rebirth does.
  • improved player movements to be significantly more flexible and stable.
  • Optimized the player death to act way faster.
  • Fixed a bug where critical was dealing damage to player on self critical.
  • Wiggler experience has been slightly decreased by 20% to reach the exp balance between Funguns and Eternize.
  • The "Party Skeleton" experience has been increased by 30% due to it's high health and no loot monster.
  • The "Shaburak Prince" which is the boss at Eternize damage has been heavily decreased, so a mage can now handle to fight it as 1v1, please note that this monster has a triple experience of a Lost Dragon Lord.
  • Fixed the Eternize door where some players had access without a need for the Key.
  • Added Anti-Afk Hunting system which applies after 50 rebirth, the system asks you a question while hunting to check whether you are fully idle or not, if you didn't answer to the question your character will be jailed for 6 hours (continuous jail will lead to a system banishment, so please avoid being fully idle while hunting).
  • Admin and Ultimate SD runes can be only used by player higher than 100 rebirths.
  • Reduced the Critical occupation chance to be more appreciable.
  • Helpers now has access to ban spammers from help channel.
  • Freeze rune affect has been changed to give more vision on freezed players.
  • Temporarily returned the guild war system to it's old state, you are no longer required to get 200 frags to access the Nexsus area.
  • You can now either turn off/on showing the !broadcast messages on your screen by typing (!broadcast off/on).
  • Fixed Ultra rich set description appearance issue.
  • Added command !sellhouse for a safer house trade (not applied to castles).
  • Added Bank System, you will need to deposit few mega donation coins there to pay the rent of your house, you will find the Bank Man NPC at the very east of the city, last floor of the new Portal Tower.


  • Added Brown Horse mount for 1350 points.
  • Added Rapid Boar mount for 1350 points.
  • Added Stampor mount for 1350 points.
  • Added Titanica mount for 2000 points.
  • Added unique and brand new Decoration Shop.
  • Added Houses page to view the server houses and it's status.
  • Added Jail page on the website so you can know more about jailed players by Helpers & Tutors and reasons (For the transparency of things).
    • The following rewards have been added to people who have purchased a significant amount of shop coins:
    • 2500 shop points: Shadow Draptor mount.
    • 6000 shop points: Thronfire wolf mount.
    • 15000 shop points: Red Manta mount.
    • 25000 shop points: Steelbeak mount.
    • 50000 shop points: Fire war horse mount.

If you have noticed a critical bug or issue please directly Contact US, remember that critical bugs reports are always rewarded.

Eventually, we hope that with this update we are going to reach a new level of enjoyable gameplay at our server, thanks for your participation with your ideas, feedback and your play, we do appreciate them. See you on the field of battle!

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I like the new update
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