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[Tutorial] How to capture a quick and clean screenshot?

CM Jean
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7 years and 10 months #115
Greetings fellows,

In this short tutorial I will show you how to post your lovely screenshots on forum.

How to do it, without any extra programs

Firstly, you need to find a button "Print Screen" on your keyboard.

After that, press the button and open Paint. Now press Ctrl + V.
Now it should appear like that:

Now, go to File -> Save as -> Choose place/folder where you want to save it and choose the format(Jpeg is the best one - Lowest file size!)

After saving the screenshot, open your browser.(Any browser is fine.(IE/Firefox/Google Chrome etc.)
Click "Upload" and choose the destination to your file.
Now you can choose if you want to resize the picture. Just by clicking on the frame near the "resize"
If you do not want to resize just choose "Do no resize"

Now click "Upload".
After some seconds, several links should appear on your screen. Now click on link in front of Forum Code and copy it.

Now open our lovely forum, and post the link :-)

How to do it, with an extra program ( Much faster!!!)

To do it, you will need a program called Img Snapper. You ought to download it from the official website which is:

After downloading, installing and turning the program up, simply press Alt + F1. Now choose the area which will be on the picture and that's all! Now your picture will be uploaded instantly and this window should appear:

Now you have just to press "Ctrl + V" to paste the link to the picture. So open open a new message on our forum and use [IMG] LINK [/IMG ] to post the screenshot!

I hope you enjoyed the simply tutorial how to post screenshots on our forum.

Thanks for reading,
Dee Lucky

This tutorial credits go to Dee Luck - from the European Server.
Lite Rush
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You can also use a program called Lightshot, it's quick and you can crop the area you want to screenshot, edit it, and then choose if you want to either save the cropped screenshot or upload the screenshot. I've been using it for a couple years now and wouldn't want to use anything else.
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