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[Quest] Insect Quest

CM Jean
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Hello Everyone,

In this Tutorial you will find how to make the Insect Quest.

Note: This quest is for 1000 Rebirths+ players and its recommended to have a big team , the reward is One Ultra Rich Item + Lady Bug Mount.

1- Go to the third ship at Xerazx-City (north west of the temple) and speak with Captain Scout.

2- Start searching for the long stairs and go to the last floor.

3- On the last floor you will find a Hole stand on it and use Exani Tera.

4- Start Moving to the West and you will find an NPC called Martin.

5- Speak with Martin and he will start telling you his story, you will be asked for 3 items 3 lost sulphurs and green diamond

6- Starting moving towards the Insects Lands (north of Martin there is a mountain with stairs that u just need to pass it).

7- There are 4 chests inside Insect Lands, 3 chest for 3 Lost sulphurs and only 1 chest for the green diamond, also there are 4 big towers at the Insect Lands, the 3 Lost sulphurs chests can be found at the Last floor of each tower, The green diamond chest can be found under the ground (search for a hole that leads you to be under the ground).

8- After collecting the required items for the quest go back and ask Martin for Reward.


Remember that your goal is finding out the "gates" which lead you to the mountain entrance, So here are some photos of the 3 gates you should be looking for.

Quest Mini Map first:

First Gate:

Second Gate:

Third Gate:

The Under Ground Chest (you can go underground through a hole inside one of the three towers).

Now you collected the required items to Martin NPC, go back to him and ask for a visit to the Reward room.

For any questions , suggestions feel free to just post below this post.

Kind Regards,
Community Manager
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