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Globle - Globle Wordle Game

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Globle - Globle Wordle Game
Actual directions of modern political and geographical research.
Globalization and the acceleration of internationalization of all spheres of human activity in the modern era poses new urgent tasks for political geography. Regional mosaic, complexity and, at the same time, the integrity of the whole world are increasing. The importance of the distance factor is decreasing both in the economic, political and military-strategic areas, which has led to a change in the leading features of the political and geographical position of countries and regions. The key problems of modern political and geographical research include:
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the geopolitical structure of the world and the cyclical nature of its development at the post-industrial stage, the polycentrism of its regional structure and multilevel dependence between countries, the transformation of their geopolitical position in the changing political and economic structure of the world;
political and geographical country studies and geographical state studies aimed at analyzing territorial and political systems as the main objects of political geography, covering a wide range of issues of the political and geographical position of states and the structure of the state territory, the territorial alignment of political forces in countries, their regions and individual centers (including problems of electoral geography), regional socio-political ethno-confessional and other differences (political regionalism), territorial-political organization of society and its stability, types of administrative-territorial division and issues of political-geographical zoning.

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