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Look over here. players!

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Dear US-Xerazain's,

New incommers everyday! - And a New Summer Update incoming, we should definitely try to get ready for the new update by enjoying the current features!

Unfortunately most current quests requires rebirth 1000, and a team. Since most players are fairly new, I've decided to give a small boost to you players. To help you on your way to get rebirth 1000 as soon as possible.

I cannot level your character for you, but there are several other ways I can help.
Have in mind that it's not going to be a miracle. Just a small boost which can mean +1-3 rebirths or just 'experience points' if you're a "high" rebirth.

Exp Eggs "drop.

- Once everyday, I will throw out a small amount of exp eggs. It will most likely occure when we have a fair amount of players online.¨

I will announce it to every player online below rebirth 750.
As a rebirth 750, the spawn Moronia is a lot faster.

Fishing Monster "Hunt.¨

- I will also summon Fishing Monsters at a safe location so you'll be able to attack it without the monster targeting you. Depending on your rebirth, you'll most likely get 1 rebirth on each monster.

Fishing monsters included:

: Super Marid

Yummy Toad

Toxic Spider

Floor Blob

Note; All the loot from these monsters will go to me so I can keep this thing going.

Solo Hunting.

For players that prefer to just hunt alone, I'll offer 1 MDC for players that prefer to hunt. So they can travel to their hunting spot.

And for players that prefer the Hunting Grounds in Crystal Base, I'll give a fair amount of Crystal Tokens.


And there will be some other things.
Feel free to use the Help Channel to contact me.
Or simply send a message ingame to Ebony.
CM Jean
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Wow, these sprites really look so big
Posts: 26
5 years and 8 months #448
Haha ;p I stole them from another post. I guess some are bigger than the others thanks to their size ;p
Looks quite funny though.
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