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i hope admins pay attention

Old Powerz
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let's start with druid my original vocation.
Paralyze rune cost 5% from mana per one means 5b from my main mana and has low effect.
extreme rune is fine it's SICK.
Exori Strike Mort it's not bad not good i tested it on riesen it's same as mega frigo on riesen's hp both of them took 4% from his hp which means it's useless waste of mana.
mega frigo it's awesome.
nova sio has 30sec exhaust i useful.
exura immune if i used it, it means i have exhaust in nova sio which means no fair at all with other new spells i can use 2 spells in same sec with my ek ( Doctor Powerz).

I don't know much about it but if paladin used new bow and arrow reb 1k can solo me easy without wasting 1rune we tested it already and riesen saw it .
new paladin spell.
has no exhaust with hellborn stars or with mega frigo high damage low cost.
can use it 2 times.
merger rune idk if it costs alot of no but it's profit is awesome 25% from enemy hp/mp.
awesome has alot of abilities it dies hard.

Knight it was bad vocation but after update i got nth to mention about it.
it's AWESOME + never die

i forget about new wand cap for mages and new sword for ek
sword u can ask all eks about it it's awesome i used it with doc i killed hand without spells no risk at all.

cap high risk low damage takes about 1h to loot it's staff 5 turbens charges.
wand same as rich but faster lil bit.

if you agrees with me just take action toward it mage dies already i don't care but dies and no attack it's nosense

Old Powerz.
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Member of Xerazx-OTS Forum.
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