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Are you kidding me?!

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7 years and 9 months #407
I did both weapon quests for 100 and 200 rebirths going for club weapon.
In 100 rebirth quest chest I got Xerazian Hammer - reward from 50 reb quest
In 200 reb quest chest I got orcish maul 36atk,


Now I am forced to run with 5mil atk weapon at 200 rebirth...

Give me the right weapon!!!
CM Jean
Posts: 56
7 years and 9 months #410
When we made these quests skills was not important, however, you can choose between VIP items from GM seller based on your skill, whether an axe, sword, or even a club.
Deadly Assassin
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7 years and 9 months #413
Hy admin or community manager.

My chart have bug in mana and health...
My rebirth is 1407 and have 30445917515 of mana and 5074319790..... please fixed my chart and i dead me rest the mana...

The other bug is the guild war event, in all day open and not have nexus

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