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  This Might be a bug Underworld Lord by Underworld Lord 0718
  Druid Spell Bug Huggybear by Huggybear 0704
  Bug Report My Bad by My Bad 0856
  Any Bug report here Death Rushmax by Czesiek 143593
  Log In Bug Jaded Storm by Jaded Storm 0874
  Test Account by Account 0815
  Help Zaiik by GM Xerazx 1949
  Bug in Task Manager NPC Tafaa by Tafaa 0948
  Omg Husky by Husky 0840
  FIXED MY CHART AND BUG PLZ Deadly Assassin by Lool 51161
  Are you kidding me?! Sejuani by Deadly Assassin 2902
  Can't log in. Vesperoth by Flash 1891
  Events Are Bugged Old Skills by CM Jean 21023
  Website Shop not working? Tank Master by Tank Master 0850
  1 Reb Spell Bug. Yuset by Flash 1886
  Bug quest 300 Rebirth Vemor by Flash 1909
  Level reset Xile by Flash 71408
  Knight spell bug Castiel by Flash 31113
  plase admin fix this character he asked me for help him Death Rp by Flash 51354
  vip set qeust Palladinman by Flash 21040
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